Mosiah 4:9-10

Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend. And again, believe that ye must repent of your sins and forsake them, and humble yourselves before God; and ask in sincerity of heart that he would forgive you; and now, if you believe all these things, see that you de them. Mosiah 4:9-10

Monday, May 29, 2017

Amazing Week - week 94

Hello everybody!

Time is going too fast!! I wish it would slow down haha, this last week was amazing, one of the best weeks of my mission for sure.

The island continues to be an amazing place to serve, Elder Zhou and I have been doing everything we can to help the branch members, less actives, converts, and find and teach. It has been very busy, but also very rewarding and productive! 

The week started off on a great note, we had a meeting with Elder Cook, Elder Shares, Bishop Wadell, and some other leadership of the church. They are truly powerful men, and hearing Elder Cook's apostolic witness and blessings changed the way I view them and the leadership of the church. It changed the way I think about the Savior, and the way that I will now listen to and study conference talks. The Spirit was very powerful. I also learned how much better my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ could be. Still have a long way to go! They are great examples of men who have lived their whole lives in the service of Christ, and it is something I really admire and strive to do myself, in whatever capacity or situation I can.

This week was truly a great week! We have been so blessed recently, it is so satisfying to see hard work, effort, and prayers work out. I forgot to mention from a few weeks ago, had dinner with Yip jm, an investigator from my time at Sham Shui Po, she has been meeting with the sisters again recently and will be getting baptized! She came over to the island to meet up and thank us and chat. It was great to see her and see her changing her life. I am so blessed to have seen these fruits, and I know throughout my life I will continue to receive blessings from the work we have done here! 
Yip JM next to Elder Woolley

We had many powerful lessons this week and great spiritual experiences. I have had the chance to do several baptismal interviews recently, and everytime I am strengthened by the people that we interview. I interviewed someone from India, and from Thailand for the International District. And they were both amazing! It is a wonder to see people of all different backgrounds accept the gospel, and find the comfort and joy of the Savior in their lives. It is a testament to me of it's eternal and universal truth.

We have been blessed with several great investigators recently that are trying to find truth. I love the real intent and desire to learn that they have, it makes for some powerful lessons. Their attitude is so important! If I had always had that same attitude towards learning I would have much more knowledge today haha. They are progressing well, we have a lot of work to do really, and I feel like not enough time to do it all!

Mei Wo BBQ 

Wan Chai branch activity
This Saturday we had the Wan Chai branches first activity, we all went to Mei Wo for a BBQ! The turnout was great, we had a bunch of investigators come and a few less actives that we have been working with for a long time! The best part was just how much of a good time it was, everyone in the branch has grown in love and unity. All the kids were playing with everyone, and the investigators were being fellowshipped really well by our branch. I couldn't help but feel so proud for our little branch. I know that the Lord has been with us especially ever since the split. I have been working with Vic 3 since December 2015, and have stayed with these members since then minus a 5 month stay in Sham Shui Po. It has been incredible to see how far they all have come. Every Sunday for the year or so of time i have been the branch, when we partake of the sacrament, I have prayed my heart out for our branch to grow, to be strengthened in unity and faith, to love one another and the new people we bring in, and to bless the lives of all those there renewing their covenants with God. It is so touching to see the difference since December 2015. I really love them all so much, it has been a life changing experience serving with them. And the past few months with the new branch have been even better, much more work and service to do! I really enjoy doing all I can for them. Of course our prayers and work are not the only reason for the slow change of Spirit in the branch, I have felt the Spirit confirm to me that our little branch is being blessed and lifted by all of our efforts, prayers and faith. There is no better feeling than that. The branch has a bright future, and we currently have many prepared people who will be great additions to the branch.
I love these words from the Doctrine and Covenants-

33: Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also realp; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward.
34: Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail.

We have been striving our best to just do good, and I know that we have only just begin to reap all the we have sowed. Our branch is truly built upon the rock of the Savior, they have great faith and potential. I have also come to know that what is said in Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them" is true. The Lord is with us in His work, I know it and have felt hime pouring his Spirit on our small branch, where we have gathered together in His name to worship Him. I don't think most of the members realize it, but I have felt it and seen the influence of the past years on the faithful.
The work of God is truly the most fulfilling thing I have ever been a part of, I hope to be a part of it for my whole life. When we start to spend our life engaged in the work of salvation, the work of salvation starts to engage in our lives. My testimony has been made a hundred times stronger and I have felt truly what it means to be strengthened by the enabling power of Christ's atoning sacrifice, and what it means to walk with Him in the work. What a privilege it is to serve!

Elder Woolley
Eating Balut!


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